Women in literature: A symposion in Berne on June 18 and 19, 2022

Words and deeds: The authors collective RAUF and the association of Swiss authors A*dS are organising a two days symposium on June 18th and 19th 2022 in Berne in order to discuss feminist quests in literature. The event is open to all women+ in literature. Find more about the program of the event and confirmed participants.

When: June 18 and 19 Juni, 2022
Where: Berne, Zentrum Paul Klee
Language: The events will be held in german and french.
During discussions, everyone will speak in her own language.
Find out more about the program

The organizers about the event: In terms of visibility, recognition, relevance and influence, women* are still at a disadvantage, which is reflected in everything from the literary canon to the remuneration of female writers. The authors’ collective RAUF and the association A*dS Authors of Switzerland invite you to a two-day symposium for feminist concerns in the literary world on 18 & 19 June 2022 at the Zentrum Paul Klee in Berne. During the two days, authors, journalists, publishers, mediators as well as experts from research and literature promotion from all four Swiss countries will address specific problems of discrimination against women* in the literature sector together with the participants: self-promotion, care work, power structures or the (heteronormative) image of women in literature.

With Flurina Badel (RTR, Festival LitteraturA Nairs), Christine Chenaux (Office fédéral de la cul-ture), Reina Gehrig (ProHelvetia), Nina George (European Writers’ Council), Dana Grigorcea (Autorin, Telegramme Verlag), Sabine Haupt (Université de Fribourg), Pascale Kramer (author), Lucia Lanz (Lenos Verlag), Martina Läubli (NZZ am Sonntag), Anne-Christine Liske (far° Nyon), Marguerite Meyer (SLAM ALPHAS), Nicole Pfister Fetz (A*dS), RAUF (Sarah Elena Müller & Julia Weber), Julia Reichert (Theater Neumarkt), Noémi Schaub (Paulette éditrice) & Anna Sommer (Illustratorin)
On Saturday, 18th of June, 7pm: Public event with Zaher Al Jamous, Carin Caduff, Laura di Corcia, Friederike Kretzen, Dragica Rajčić & X Schneeberger